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Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of people in Croydon we are able to offer food hampers to local families who need a helping hand during the pandemic. After a brief pause due to illness, we are resuming distribution of hampers for the Easter Holiday, after that, we will pause again while we prepare to reopen after an extended lockdown. 

Each week we publish a form on this page which you can complete to request a bespoke hamper of food to be delivered to your door. Each hamper contains cereal, bread, milk, fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, pulses, beans, biscuits and from time to time a special treat like hot chocolate or jam. Each hamper should have enough food to produce at least 10 healthy meals per child, per week. 

Due to overwhelming demand, we are only able to distribute hampers to 75 children per week at the moment, this is so we conserve funds and can ensure we are able to continue to distribute food to those who need it in the weeks and months ahead. If we raise more funds we will increase the weekly quota.

To request a food hamper, please ensure you understand the following criteria

1. Hampers are only available to families with children under 16 in the London borough of Croydon. 

2. While we endeavour to ensure hampers contain everything requested, we cannot guarantee this and some items may be missing or substituted. 

3. Hampers will be delivered Friday – Sunday each week and we cannot provide a timeslot for delivery, but we will try to let you know in advance which day and an estimate of the time it is scheduled for delivery. 

4. We are reliant on donations to cover the costs of distributing these hampers. These donations come from your friends and neighbours, our community. Please only request a hamper if your family is in genuine need of help as supply is limited and requesting one you don’t need means one less to distribute to a family that does.



Excellent Venue
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Excellent Venue, a friendly and relaxed place, where you are never rushed or hurried to finish up
Hotbed of talent
Hotbed of talent
John Wilkie
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A lovely place – a hotbed of talent. A lot of exciting things happening here – great to see wonderful theatre at a reasonable price, also great for food and to hang out.
Rachael Power
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Loved our experience here. Place is friendly and welcoming with amazing staff.
Off the chain
Prabhath P
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The staff are delightful, the service is exceptional and the cakes are off the chain
I love Matthews Yard
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I love Matthews Yard. I have spent many a long day here writing up my PhD thesis.
Great Value
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really nice relaxed atmosphere. amazing value and the staff are super nice!
Absolute Gem
Glass Moon Theatre Company
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This is an absolute gem of a space not just to perform in but also hang around in
Every town should have one
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I absolutely love it and all the charm it exudes. The food is great, the ambience relaxing, the staff are lovely and the events it holds are amazing. I truly wish every town and village had its own Matthews Yard. Go. You won’t be disappointed.
Trendy. Tasty. Good Looking.
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Love it. Trendy. Tasty. Good looking.
Best place to hang out
Deloris Daniels
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Such a great place to hang out, and the food is amazing
New York, Greenwich Village
Nick R
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Think, New York, Greenwich Village 1974. Very relaxed and friendly.
The most interesting venue
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The most interesting venue Croydon currently has to offer
The Croydon Citizen
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The precedent Matthews Yard has set for rejuvenating disused spaces within Croydon is unparalleled
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