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Tempting Failure / DAY 2: A festival of International Performance Art & Noise Art

July 22, 2016.6:30 pm-10:00 pm

Day 2 of Tempting Failure CIC‘s #TF2016 evening events come to Theatre Utopia in Matthews Yard.

Appearing in the programme this evening are:

Xavier de Sousa [PT/UK] – Post
‘Post’ is an exploration of what it means to be a migrant, of constantly inhabiting a ‘national limbo’ and failing to be adhering to border and identity-defining norms.

Malik Nashad Sharpe/marikiscrycrycry (Marik NSh) [USA/UK] – A S S I M I L A T I O N
A solo choreography that cogently collects images placed together in order to secure multilogical Afrofuturity.

Clive Henry & Yol [UK] – Boxed In
Cardboard noise, caveman Houdini (low rent), contaminated recycling.

Daniel Holmes [UK] – Dialogue
Dan has words. Lots and lots of words. Some might say too many. Heartfelt words. Meaningless words. Words of frustration. Words of regret. Words of joy. Words for him, for you, for people who don’t exist…

While also this evening appearing in the adjacent DescART.es Gallery inMatthews Yard is:

Hollie Miller [UK] – ‘Stigmata’
The soul expresses itself as a body. Source of temptation and torment, the body is also a beloved companion and facilitator. Flesh as weight that pulls down the spirit.

Rita Marcalo (Instant Dissidence) – Dancing With Strangers: from Calais to England (Film Version)
This is a 10-minute documentary film of the devising process in Calais to accompany the performance that took place in the streets of Croydon.

Find out more via: www.temptingfailure.com/events/2016/7/22/tf2016-day-2-evening

13580642_1561053884196855_59318109898500719_oDay 2 of Tempting Failure CIC‘S #TF2016 opens with our first gallery exhibition of Sue Fox at the DescART.es Gallery in Matthews Yard.

Fox will present a series of still images of babies that died pre-term, in-utero for TF2016. These are beautiful bodies like tiny sea-shells. We do not readily see such things and push them to the back of consciousness and out of our recognition. These beings lived and died without being known. It is a calling to remember such lost beings, discarded and forgotten.

This exhibition is not suitable for those of a sensitive nature.

Find out more via: http://www.temptingfailure.com/events/2016/7/22/tf2016-gallery

Event image: The Visceral Tear book cover image by Simon Taylor.


July 22, 2016
6:30 pm-10:00 pm
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