Our Supporters

Matthews Yard recently celebrated its 5th anniversary. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of our friends, family, investors, donors, members and customers together with the moral support of the wider Croydon community. We thank each and every one of you.

We have had support in various forms over the years, but would like to particularly acknowledge the financial support offered through our membership programme, our KickStarter Appeal for the Studio Theatre, our Investment drive and our Loan Fund.

This is not an exhaustive list of everyone that has helped or supported us and it is a work in progress. If your name should be here and its not, then please give us a nudge!

We would especially like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their support:

Aysha Meadows, Layla Meadows, Dave & Ze Markee, Roxanne Bonar, Alf Rogers, Andrew Bonar, John Bonar, Dawn Bonar, Leoni Descartes, Robert Descartes, Roslyn Descartes, Nigel Dias, James Naylor, Christopher Matthews, Tim Longhurst, Tracey Rabbets, Oscar & Jimmy, Esther Sutton, Temidire Odesanya, Catherine Clarkson, Caroline Richardson, Tom Black, Jonny Rose, Trish Harding, Analyn Chao, Anthony Killeen, Martyn Williams, Alf Rogers, Aliya Bonar, Matt Barrie, Lisa McCance, Fiona Woodcock, Lorraine Thompson, John Bownas, Gemma Johnson, Wendy Ager, Stephanie Darkes, Keith Miller, Jivko Hristov, Simon Bashford, Aurelie Pot, Tim Naylor, Ruth Coulson, Timothy Godfrey, Gavin Barwell, Vincent Lacovara, Jon Rouse, Oliver Tipper, Paul Collins, Monique & Eliza Rebeiro, John Cheetam, Margaret Le Chapelle, Marcin Sczepanski, Natalie Perreira, Vim Nesadurai, Dr Iliana “Mocha” Papachristou, Steve Thompson, Owen Kingston, Alice Cretney, Aimee Grinter, Mike Brown, Lorna Wall, Katie Rose, HRH Prince Charles, Mark Thomas, Robin Ince, Richard Herring, Mary Portas, Glenn Ebrey, Gareth Davies, Kevin Zuchowski Morrison, Lis Watkins, Liz Shepard Jones, Tom Yip, Daniel Esteban, Adam Jackowski, Philip Dee, Louis Downs, Mark Aarons, John Lawlor, Fiona Lipscombe, Tommy Newman, Tony Newman, Bernadette Fallon, Jack Oughton, Robert Fisk, Andrew & Eunice Dickinson, Matt Bannister, Rob Wilson Jr, Elizabeth Beroud, Quentin Beroud, Alessandro Zambelli, Marco Faimali, Camilla Sunberg & Alastair McKinley, Ian Anathanarajah, Phil Cox, Claire Bishop, Gordon Bull, Dave Sears, Steve Wybourn, Miss Bell, Neil Woodcock, Sarah Luxford, Sarah Milne, Wes Baker, Robin Kennedy, Muhamed Siddiqui, Rosanna Farrar, Danny Stanzl, Tom Brooks, Mario Creatura, Fiona Satiro, Sasha Khan, Janet Smith, Joby Wells, Sarah & Dave Etheridge, Dave Pape, Kylie Blair, Aaron Blackmon, Owen Kingston, Geoff Ranson, Andrew Bloss, Benjamin Southworth, Ally McKinlay, Finn Wiliams, Brendan Walsh, Sarah Jones, Kez Hassan, Gordon Bull, Serena Alam, Angel Koch, Ruth Coulson, Guy Clapperton, Jo Chesney, Maryana Tarnavska, Bienosa Ebite, Hannah Williamson, James Tighe, Laura Bilings, Ian Marvin, Sarah Akwisombe, Neil & Ina Spellings, Carole Bonner, Neil Ridulfa, David White, Sean Fitzsimmons, Wayne Lawlor, Alan Reynolds, Tony & Sharon Skrzypczyk, Rob Campbell, Jack Gamble, Rose Lyn, Andrzej Cichocki, Kat Standen, Manuel Caires, Carl Donnelly, Jonny Awsum, Annabelle Richards, Susan Oliver, Tina Crawford, Jason Ross, Jaanus Savisto, Dale Harris, Kake Pugh, Andrew Chatterton, Darren Gian, Helen Toomey, Andy Large, Jan Bonar, Paul Waite, Matt Jelliman, Lisa Ray, Sharon Addison, Anna Arthur, Simon Bird, Rowena Bradnam, Patrick Bragoli, Alison Carpenter, Joshua Childs, Russell Davies, Sue Diamond, Peter Evans, Michael Fowler, Andrew Gates, Louise Gough, Charlotte Harvey, Sam Hill, Roselyn Ikem, Helen Knight, Michelle Mamode, Chris Newman, James Parmenter, Bob Smith, Steve Thompson, Darren Vincent. Jordan Jordan O’ Connor, Paul Collins, Cerise Edwards, Manuel Caires, Rose Heggie, Rachel Dinnage, Laura Forker, Gabriella Gungl, Becky Pitcher, Shiraz Meadows, Corine Lavoile, Michael Creatura, Rebecca Gleave, Phoebe Wagner, Liberty Bliss, Sean Creighton, Gareth Davies, Andy Ellis, Kate Lambert, Steven Wall, Alison & David McDonald, Croydon Radio, Croydon Tech City, Lives Not Knives, Inside Croydon, Croydon Council, Club Soda, Save the David Lean Cinema, Stop the Incinerator, Croydon Labour Party, Croydon Conservative Party, Croydon Green Party, The Croydon Citizen, Breakfast Cat Theatre Company, CODA, Matthews Yard Theatre Company, Cronx Brewery, Croydon Advertiser, Croydon Guardian, Just Croydon, All About Croydon, Rise Gallery, Croydon Conference Centre, Folly’s End Trust, GLE Finance, Croydon Spanish Group, Croydon Board Gamers, Croydon Mencap, BRGR&Beer, Bobskis, Rise & Shine, Clarence & Fredericks, Circuit Cars, Purley Hosting, Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter.com, Posandro, Has Bean Coffee, Bryden Johnson, Mind in Croydon, The Ukelele & The Machines, Purley Festival, Croydon Heritage Festival, Brothers of Mothershovel, Fluid4Sight, CDN Zine, Met Police Croydon, We Made That, Alberts Table, Ikea, Golden Leaves Funeral Plans, Rowland Brothers, Croydon Creatives, Croydon Women’s Institute, Greater London Authority, Croydon BID, Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT), Mind in Croydon, Hillcrest PR, BBC, ITV, Young Start-Up Talent, Young Enterprise Croydon, Frantic Group, Backr., Brit School Croydon, Croydon College of Art, Naturally Thinking, East London Lines, Londonist, GLE One London, Future of Croydon, Jimmi Sayo, Croydon Board Gamers, Daryl Wilcox, Elizabeth Williams, Emma Brett, Ana Neuman, Bogumilla Harrison, Peter Ball, Ana Cox, Michael & Marian McMullan, Andrew Dickinson, Joyzine, Exit Theatre Company, Alice Cretney, Steve Thompson, The Detail, Homeclean, Tonie and Clive Lambie, Kate Lambert, Owen Kingston, Anne Giles, Stephen Giles, Keith and Angela Robertshaw, Club Soda, Ukulele & Other Machines, XenCentric, Irdis, Simon Bird, RSCPP, Nicolla Mcloud, Nely Bonar, Table Tennis England, Achilles Kyriakades.

Thank you all so much for the faith, support, love and generosity you have shown us.

Excellent Venue
Read More
Excellent Venue, a friendly and relaxed place, where you are never rushed or hurried to finish up
Hotbed of talent
Hotbed of talent
John Wilkie
Read More
A lovely place – a hotbed of talent. A lot of exciting things happening here – great to see wonderful theatre at a reasonable price, also great for food and to hang out.
Rachael Power
Read More
Loved our experience here. Place is friendly and welcoming with amazing staff.
Off the chain
Prabhath P
Read More
The staff are delightful, the service is exceptional and the cakes are off the chain
I love Matthews Yard
Read More
I love Matthews Yard. I have spent many a long day here writing up my PhD thesis.
Great Value
Read More
really nice relaxed atmosphere. amazing value and the staff are super nice!
Absolute Gem
Glass Moon Theatre Company
Read More
This is an absolute gem of a space not just to perform in but also hang around in
Every town should have one
Read More
I absolutely love it and all the charm it exudes. The food is great, the ambience relaxing, the staff are lovely and the events it holds are amazing. I truly wish every town and village had its own Matthews Yard. Go. You won’t be disappointed.
Trendy. Tasty. Good Looking.
Read More
Love it. Trendy. Tasty. Good looking.
Best place to hang out
Deloris Daniels
Read More
Such a great place to hang out, and the food is amazing
New York, Greenwich Village
Nick R
Read More
Think, New York, Greenwich Village 1974. Very relaxed and friendly.
The most interesting venue
Read More
The most interesting venue Croydon currently has to offer
The Croydon Citizen
Read More
The precedent Matthews Yard has set for rejuvenating disused spaces within Croydon is unparalleled
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