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Quotes and Testimonials

“Sore head after a cracking gig last night – Brothers of Mothershovel, October 2014

“I love Matthew’s Yard. I have spent many a long day here writing up my PhD thesis.” – Tripadvisor Reviewer – August 2014

“I absolutely love it and all the charm it exudes. The food is great, the ambience relaxing, the staff are lovely and the events it holds are amazing. I truly wish every town and village had its own Matthews Yard. Go. You won’t be disappointed.” – Tripadvisor Review, May 2014

“Think, New York, Greenwich Village 1974. Very relaxed and friendly.” – Tripadvisor Review, March 2014

“the most interesting venue Croydon currently has to offer” – Trpadvisor Review, February 2014

“MY is ideal if you want to meet informally in Croydon” – Tripadvisor Review, August 2013

“The precedent Matthew’s Yard has set for rejuvenating disused spaces within Croydon is unparalleled” – Tom Winter, The Croydon Citizen, November 2012

“the total antithesis of the commercial chain coffee shops you find everywhere” – Tripadvisor Review, July 2012